Even the best writers had to start somewhere when it came to putting pen to pen, or finger to key.

If you are struggling with getting your words down on paper, here are some great tips to get you motivated.

1 – Do it; just write and write everyday.
2 – Grammar: learn it, know it, use it.
3 – Keep a notebook handy at all times so you can write down your ideas wherever you are.
4 – Proofread everything at least three times before submitting it to your manager or editor.
5 – Start a blog and write it as often as you can.
6 – Create a space in your office, and diary, that is just for writing.
7 – Make sure you have a set brand guidelines and always stick to them
8 – Create a list of what needs to be written and a deadline you need to stick to.
9 – Decide you have the time to write your blog entries, press releases, newsletters and features.
10 – If you don’t have time, or want an expert, CALL ME on 07825 615303.

Don’t forget, you have 60 seconds to make the right impressession and I can make you succeed every time.

Write Like a Pro !